LCNL 044: Snowfall Tapes Winter Mix

Big ups to Pixelgypsy for getting a little speculation with “Exit Seven”.

a closer listen

Snowfall Tape Jam Deep in the heart of ski country, surrounded by snow and winter tourists, a homegrown tape label lives and thrives.  Snowfall Tapes opened its doors in 2013.  We’re proud to present this label mix and interview with founder Rick Meredith.

To find this label is to find a hidden treasure.  Our entry point was Hannah Hoch’s Floeberg, an icy work of experimental drones.  When we began to investigate the label’s other releases, we were caught completely off guard.  nahsolo’s Beats Vol. 1 was an instrumental hip-hop collection; Pixelgypsy was ambient; Raemou was solidly post-rock.  What was going on here?  We had to find out, so we wrote back to the label to find out more.  When we did, we discovered that the releases were united by a feeling of community and a DIY ethic, two wonderful aspects all too often lost in the modern age.  Rick Meredith was generous…

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